New in PMC

New in PMC


The PubReader format was added to PMC in 2012 to make it easier to read full text articles on tablet, mobile, and other small screen devices.

In March 2022, NCBI launched an updated PMC website. The updated website is mobile responsive, making it easy to read articles in PMC on any device. This makes some legacy features, such as the PubReader view, no longer necessary.

In January 2024, we will remove the PubReader links from the PMC website. You will temporarily still be able to access the PubReader format by appending “?report=reader” to any PMC article URL (e.g.,

In May 2024, we will fully remove the PubReader functionality from the PMC website. Any link to the PubReader format will redirect to the standard, mobile responsive, PMC article view.


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